The 7th Shanghai International Service Robot Exhibition of SR show 2018 was officially launched

At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, the calendar quietly turns over 2017, ushering in a new 2018. SR show 2017 has not gone far, and Sr show 2018 has put on new clothes and is coming to us with vigor! The 7th Shanghai international service robot technology and Application Exhibition (referred to as SR show 2018) will be grandly opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center from June 27 to 29, 2018. At present, the recruitment work has been officially started!

As the most important exhibition and exchange platform for service robot industry technology and application, Sr show 2018 is sponsored by China service robot industry alliance and talent enterprise media, and is strategically co organized by the Ministry of science and technology robot industry technology innovation strategic alliance and other institutions. The exhibition will gather more leading enterprises and high-quality buyers in the service robot industry, as well as leaders and experts from the government, universities, authoritative associations, societies, media, investment institutions and robot industrial parks. It is an annual event that can not be missed in China's service robot industry!

With the theme of "smart connect the world and smart open the future", this exhibition will create a new top industry event, comprehensively display the innovative achievements of the whole industrial chain such as service robot, integrated application, core technology, key parts and trade services, and achieve close contact with domestic and foreign well-known technical experts and enterprise leaders through on-site multi theme meetings to share the most cutting-edge technical solutions Channel marketing experience and so on, which can be said to be a rare feast for the service robot industry!

The scale of the exhibition is unprecedented, and more attention is paid to the development of innovative enterprises

According to the organizer, compared with previous years, the scale of SR show 2018 will continue to expand, the exhibition area will continue to grow, and the number of professional visitors will also make new breakthroughs. According to the relevant data provided by the organizer, the exhibition area of SR show 2018 will reach 23000 square meters, the number of visitors will also exceed 50000, the number of exhibitors will reach 300, and more than 100 buyers will be organized. The exhibition hall is divided into six theme exhibition areas, including: commercial robots, household robots, special robots, children's intelligent robots, core technologies, parts and platforms, and a special AI innovation enterprise exhibition area, which not only covers the whole industrial chain of the service robot industry, but also pays more attention to the incubation and cultivation of small and medium-sized innovative enterprises, and promotes the healthy growth of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Professional audience precision, more coverage of the buyer's market users

As the first exhibition of China's service robot industry, Sr show 2018 has a strong influence and appeal. The number of professional visitors not only keeps breaking historical records, but also the professional visitors from different market segments are more accurate. From service industry units, government agencies to commercial enterprises, Sr show 2018 fully invites domestic and foreign users and enterprises to participate. Invite professional buyers to visit the group and participate in business matching activities. The user industries are from e-commerce, channels, real estate, property, shopping malls, hotels, catering, entertainment, banks, airports, civil affairs departments, elderly care institutions, fire protection, public security, Maritime Affairs Bureau, reservoirs, security, medical institutions, education departments, universities, industrial parks, scientific research institutions, science and technology museums, Ministry of communications, power departments, communication institutions, famous enterprise visiting groups and service robot manufacturers, It covers almost every industry that the service robot industry can reach.

During the same period, there were many wonderful activities, which made the exhibition more interesting

During the same period of the exhibition, more than 10 themed forums will be held around the service robot technology and application industry, covering the core technology of service robots, commercial robots, special robots, educational robots, investment and financing, testing and certification, industrial design, etc., and face-to-face communication with more than 3000 professionals in the industry, providing an open and free communication platform for service robot exhibitors, visitors, government agencies, scientific research institutes, etc. At the same time, the service robot industry Oscar - Golden radish award · 2018 service robot annual selection and award ceremony will be held to lead the direction of new products and new technologies in China's service robot industry in 2018 and establish an annual brand model.

2018 is just around the corner. With the development of the service robot industry moving to a new development stage, Sr show 2018 will welcome you with a more beautiful attitude and jointly write a new chapter in the artificial intelligence service robot industry!