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Guanbang Intelligence
Guanbang Intelligence
National High-tech Enterprise

The company is mainly engaged in: industrial robot sales and integrated applications ...

Dongguan Guanbang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2012, a national high-tech enterprise. The company is mainly engaged in: industrial robot sales and integrated applications, non-standard automation equipment.

For many years, the company's R & D team has always sincerely cooperated with customers to discuss new processes and new technologies, have a deep understanding of application-side scenarios, and have accumulated rich automation experience, helping companies to achieve semi-automation or automation, along the intelligent direction development of. At the same time, he also mastered core application technologies such as control technology, motion control, vision system, robot system integration, and automation software. The company has a professional after-sales service department.

The company's products are widely used in 3C (electronics, mobile phones, communications), teaching, home appliances, hardware and other industries. The specific applications are stamping connection, injection and unloading, grinding, spraying, palletizing, bending and so on.

Guanbang intelligent agent ABB, NACHI, Qifan and other major brands of industrial robots. There are more than 100 employees and dozens of high-tech talents. Guanbang Intelligent Technology is committed to providing customers with efficient and high-quality automation products and robotic products technologies and services, improving customer product production efficiency, reducing worker labor intensity, improving product quality stability, improving working environment, and achieving low-carbon enterprises. , Environmental protection, energy saving, efficient and sustainable development. Help Chinese enterprises upgrade and transform and achieve automation, informationization, and intelligence. Guanbang people have dreams and go forward hard. They will face challenges, never give up, do their best, make impossible impossible, and create greater value for society and customers.

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