The 2018 Winter Olympics will present robot volunteers to serve the venues and airports

According to Netease technology, the Ministry of trade, industry and energy of the Republic of Korea recently announced that it plans to employ 85 robots as volunteers for many events of the 2018 Winter Olympics. At that time, there will be 11 different types of robots serving the Winter Olympics.

These robots will be deployed in the airports, gymnasiums and event venues in Pingchang, Jiangling and Jingshan. A humanoid robot developed by the Korea Institute of science and technology will become a torch bearer. Robots that master English, Japanese and Korean will provide information consulting services for tourists. They will help people understand the progress of the event, choose sightseeing places and transportation routes.

The South Korean government's strategy of using robot volunteers also matches LG's latest airport robot deployment plan. At present, LG has designed two mini robots, one of which will serve as a guide to help tourists find their own route in Incheon International Airport. The other is a cleaning robot, which will be responsible for the cleaning of the airport.